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Jesus Is The Way Christian Center
Ministry Outraches

 Partnership Services

This ministry services the partners of Jesus Is The Way Christian Center . The purpose of the Partnership Service is to assure that the needs of our partners are accommodated:  This ministry will be responsible for processing partnership information, welcoming new partners to the ministry and assuring that they receive and all pertinent ministry information.

The Ushers Ministry

The ushers are in charge of keeping order and attending to the needs of the people during the services the ushers will meet, greet and seat the people, Issue and collect visitor cards, issue information and materials to all attendants. The Ushers are to be ready to assist the Pastor speaker in the smooth running of the service.

The Set-up Ministry

The setup ministry is in charge of preparing and dismantling the meeting room before and after the services. This entails bringing and setting up any equipment that is necessary for the smooth and proper operation of the ministry.

Media Ministry

As Jesus Is The Way Christian Center  grows our goal is to reach more people through the medium of television. The media ministry will include the following areas Video Production, Audio Production, Web Design & Maintenance, Graphic Art  & Design. The Media Ministry will assure that the quality of media produced by JITWM defines the Spirit of Excellence.

Public Affaires

The role of this department is manifold. The responsibilities of this ministry include assuring that the image of the ministry is reputable in the eyes of its publics. To keep the ministries publics aware of all of its events by releasing press releases and organizing other means to sharing ministry information   PA is also in charge of keeping the Jesus Is The Way Christian Center  family abreast of University and SA policy as well as university and community events and opportunities that will benefit and interest the ministry and its partners.

Hospitality Ministry

The Hospitality Ministry is in charge primarily of sharing the love of the ministry to it friends, visitors and guest. This ministry will include a team of greeters and armor bearers. This greeting team will greet all visitors as they enter and as they leave. The will issue the Visitor Cards and Information Brochures. The Armor bearer team is for special guests that come and shares with the ministry. They assure that all the needs of this individuals needs are met.

Events Planning Services

The objective this ministry is simply to plan and organize Christian and non-Christian events that are sponsored by Jesus Is The Way Christian Center . EPS will serve three main purposes: Serve as a means to evangelize the campus and community on a wide spread scale, to serve as a ‘gather-er’ of the believers to fellowship and fraternize, to provide quality Christian/non-Christian events for the Christian communities enjoyment and edification. This ministry will be responsible for planning ALL events that are sponsored and hosted by the ministry.

Christian Women’s Fellowship

The Christian woman’s fellowship is an outreach of JITWM especially for women. This fellowship will serve as an agent to empower, educate and enlighten women and develop them to be women of God. The motto of this ministry is fellowship to produce women of Excellence, Power and Virtue. Those involved in this ministry are responsible for planning monthly fellowship and the annual women encounter.

Christian Men’s Fellowship

The Men’s fellowship is the spiritual baby of Pastor Corey Butler. Pastor Butler has a call to impart into men information that will cause revelation, which would lead to revolution. The men’s fellowship will provide a place where men can come and be given instruction about biblical man hood. The ministry will not only serve as a means for biblical instruction but also for fellowship. The fellowships will include breakfast outing, outings to the gym and various sporting events. The visionary motto is to Mentor Men that will make a difference.

Ordinance Ministry

Ordinance services are held every first Sunday of the month, or when announced by the Senior Pastor, and is commonly known as communion the ordinance ministry is responsible for the following:

  • Communion Preparation
    • Preparation consists of setting the communion table laying out the trays preparing the actual bread and wine for consumption.
  • Communion Maintenance
    • Assuring that the table cloths are in proper condition, and if not notifying the proper administration.
    • Assuring that the supplies are ample enough to serve the people.
    • Assuring that all trays and cups are filled and clean

Music Ministry

  • Psalmist (Praise & Worship Team)
  • Mistrals ( Praise & Worship Band)

Pastoral Aid Ministry (Nurses)

Pastoral aids are integral parts of ministry assure that the man and woman of God are comfortable during the service. Their job ranges from, but is not limited to preparing water to cleaning utensils.

Praise dance Ministry