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Jesus Is The Way Christian Center
Ministry Inception

Jesus Is The Way Christian Center Chruch was initially established as a ministry on the campus of Northern Illinois University. A Prophetic word was give to the founder and Senior Pastor prior to his arrival to DeKalb and Northern Illinois University. It was from this word that Pastor Corey sought the Lord on the right time to start the ministry. During this time of searching and waiting the Lord lead pastor Butler to John 14:6 and it was from his passage that the Lord gave Butler the name and vision of the Ministry that would soon be Jesus is the way ministries. It was October 18, 1999 when then Jesus is the Way Campus Outreach ministry was organized and had it first bible study session. During that year the Lord dealt strongly with Butler with regard to the development of the Ministry, its vision and outreaches. It was from this dealing Pastor that Butler then shortened the name To Jesus Is The Way Ministries and readapted the vision to suit the campus outreach.  Several years after that the Lord again begin to deal with Pastor Butler about the development of the ministry. Little did he know that this next step would be to start a church.  Looking at the new constitution and the changes to the vision and visionary philosophy Pastor Butler soon understood what the Lord was doing, but he remained stedfast along the course that God had prepared.  It took a word and release from his spiritual father Apostle Meredith Shackelford to confirm what God had already been saying. GO !  From small beginnings Jesus is the Way Christian Center has grown into a Multi-cultural, Multi-Denominational ministry that God is using mightily to minister healing, deliverance and salvation to those on the Dekalb community and NIU campus.