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Jesus Is The Way Christian Center
Visionary Philosophy

The vision of Jesus Is The Way Ministries is based in scripture found in the Gospel of John 14:6 Jesus said unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. This passage is the foundational scripture of this ministry and from it is taken the name of the ministry and visionary philosophy.

Visionary Philosophy:

To reach the Northern Illinois University community (Students, faculty and staff) with the saving message that Jesus Is The Way. Through:

1) The effective and practical preaching, and teaching of the Word of God
2) Strategic planning of fellowships, evangelistic outreaches and intercession
3) The Speech, Conduct, and lifestyles of the Believer

This then resulting in the reaching and saving of the lost through the ministry of the believer accompanied by the manifested power of God at work in them.

Vision Statement:
To Reach the Northern Illinois University community with the saving message that Jesus is the Way.

Components of the Vision:


Mark 16:15 is the scriptural basis of this component. Jesus commands us to share our faith, which is the message that Jesus saves, with every person we encounter. Sharing ones faith is talking about Jesus to others through the sharing of this saving message the seed of the word has sown and/ or watered and is ready for harvest or the salvation of that person(s). The application of the component will cause the believer to evangelize through their speech.


Eph 5:8 is the basis for the second component of our vision. Walking in its scriptural context refers to our show of conduct or how we act around unbelievers and believers alike. As believers our conduct should exemplify that shared in the Word. It is through the purposeful and habitual adherence to the word that our conduct lines up with that expressed by Jesus and shared in the Word. We now have begin to evangelize or bear witness to Christ through our actions and conduct (Walk).


1 Tim 4:12 and I Thes 1:6-7 are the basis for the third and final visionary component. Living the Christian life is simply the purposeful (on-purpose) and habitual practice of living directly in line with the Word of God. Jesus called us the Light and Salt of world and it was by allow our lights to shine (which is living a Godly life) that we draw unbelievers to Christ. Through this process of purposeful and habitual practice of the word that our live become examples and thus we evangelize in the most effective way with our Life (lifestyle).